Always affordable service fee

As an Odeal user, you pay for the service only when you withdraw salary. Sending invoices is free. Our service fee is 2–5 percent of the invoiced sum exclusive of value-added tax. In addition to the service fee, we charge a 24 percent value-added tax.

The staggered service fee is ideal especially for users who use our service for a long time. The more you invoice, the smaller our service fee will become.

New users start out with a 5 percent service fee. Once the accumulated sums of invoices exceed 60 000 euros in total, excluding value-added tax, the service fee will fall by one percentage unit to 4 percent. Similarly, when the invoiced sum amounts to 120 000 euros, the service fee again falls by one percentage unit etc.

However, the minimum service fee is always 15 euros (18.60 euros incl. VAT) per salary payment.

The accumulated sums of invoices are not set to zero every year, but they are valid throughout our customer relationship.

5% Toiminnan alussa

Laskutuskertymä alle 60.000 euroa



Laskutuskertymä yli 60.000 euroa


Laskutuskertymä yli 120.000 euroa


Laskutuskertymä yli 200.000 euroa

What does the service fee include?

The service fee is paid when salary is withdrawn. There are no other costs for using the service, and the service fee includes all of the following:


We send invoices to your customers on weekdays as long as an error-free invoice has arrived to us through our service by 3 pm.

Debt collection services

If your customer does not pay an invoice on time, debt collection services are free of charge for you.

Salary payment

The service fee is always charged when salary is paid. Our service fee is 2–5 percent of the invoiced sum exclusive of value-added tax.


We always advise users for free by phone, e-mail and WhatsApp. Advisory services are also available at our office.

Liability insurance

Our liability insurance provides coverage up to 1 000 000 euros against personal injury and material damage to third parties.

Accident insurance

Every light entrepreneur is covered under a voluntary accident insurance policy that covers accidents that occur at work.


We will send you an employment certificate or a salary certificate following your request. There is a separate section for this in the online service.


Informative sessions and events organised by us are always free of charge for users of our service.

Do you want your salary already on the invoicing day?

We also provide the “hetipalkka” (“salarynow”) option that allows you to receive your salary already on the invoicing day. At best, the salary from the invoiced sum will be on your account already on the same day.
Terms of “hetipalkka”:

“Hetipalkka” can only be paid from invoices addressed to companies, a state, a municipality or other organisations.

The invoice recipient’s credit rating and payment method history must be in order.

The invoice must be final and entirely undisputable. Advance invoices cannot be paid as “hetipalkka”.

We must already have the expenses and travel allowances related to the invoice at the time of salary payment. Expenses and travel allowances cannot be added to the salary after it has been paid.


Claim your salary already on the invoicing day. The extra service fee of “hetipalkka” is 5 percent (+ VAT) of the sum of the invoice exclusive of value-added tax.


Alla on palkkaesimerkki laskettu 1000 euron laskutussummalla ilman arvonlisäveroa.

Laskutussumma ilman arvonlisäveroa 1000,00 euroa
Bruttopalkka 1000,00 euroa
Palvelumaksu (5% + alv) -62,00 euroa
Ennakonpidätys (15%) -150,00 euroa
Sotumaksu -10,66 euroa
Tapaturmavakuutus -37,20 euroa
Nettopalkka 741,40 euroa

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