Light entrepreneurship

What is light entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship is self-employment and a way to find work in the labour market. As a light entrepreneur, you can focus on what is essential, i.e. doing the work that you want. There is no need to start a business or handle all the extra bureaucracy by yourself. We will take care of the bureaucrasy for you.

As a light entrepreneur, you must find assignments independently. You can sell and advertise your personal skills and freely decide on the pricing and schedules of your work directly with your customers. We provide the online service through which you can manage your customers, create invoices and withdraw salary from the invoices that you create.

Light entrepreneurship is a new way of finding a job and an alternative to a recruitment agency. Companies hire light entrepreneurs for long-term and project-based assignments in almost every sector.

You do not need to start your own business, and as a light entrepreneur you can use Odeal’s business ID in your assignments.

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How does the service work?

Begin by registering to the service. Registration is always free of charge, and you will immediately receive your personal username to the online service by e-mail. You can enter your personal details and add a tax card to the online service, as well as create a list of customers.

Find a customer and agree on your work freely. Your job is therefore to advertise and sell your personal skills in order to find suitable customers. The customers may be companies, states, municipalities or private individuals.

Once the job has been completed, you can create an invoice in the online service. Odeal will check the invoice and make sure that the value-added tax is correct before sending the invoice to the customer.

Once the invoice has been paid, you can withdraw a salary from it. As a rule, the salary is paid immediately once the sum arrives on Odeal’s account. You may also combine smaller sums to make one larger payment. In addition, you may also withdraw a salary already during the invoicing moment using “hetipalkka”.

  1. Aloita rekisteröitymällä palveluun maksutta.

  2. Sovi työstä asiakkaasi kanssa.

  3. Työsuoritteen valmistuttua tee asiakkaalle lasku nettipalvelussa.

  4. Kun suoritus saapuu meille, saat nostettua palkan työsuoritteesta. Voit myös käyttää hetipalkkaa.

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