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Easy way to hire a worker

Through Odeal, you can easily provide work for individuals of your choice in short- and long-term projects. We will pay a salary to the worker and take care of the statutory employer obligations as an invoicing service. You can easily pay for the work by invoice and avoid the calculation of salaries, pension insurances, filling in forms and submitting annual notifications. The service can be used by businesses and private individuals, and it is ideal for paying for a one-off job performance as well as for permanent, long-term work.

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Salary costs by invoice

Pay all of the worker’s salary costs by a single invoice. You will not have any employer obligations.

How does the service work?

Using the service is easy. You can choose the worker yourself; Odeal will serve as the salary paymaster between you and the worker. You will agree on the duties, the remuneration and the terms of payment directly with the worker.

The remuneration may be an hourly rate, a contract sum or a commission. In addition, you can also agree on the invoicing of work-related expenses, travel allowances or supplies.

Use our salary calculator to estimate a suitable invoicing amount.

Agree on everything directly with the worker.

Pay the salary + related costs by a single invoice.

No employer obligations.

Risk-free way to hire a worker

As a client, you will not have any employer obligations. Odeal will pay the salary and take care of statutory obligations. Since the beginning of 2017, individuals employed through an invoicing service company are no longer covered by a statutory accident insurance, but Odeal has taken out a voluntary accident insurance for light entrepreneurs.

Hiring a light entrepreneur is profitable, because you will only pay for the completed work, the entrepreneur is covered by a 1 000 000-euro liability insurance policy and the paid invoice is a deductible expense for businesses. Private clients may receive a household deduction from the invoice according to the instructions of the tax authorities.

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