Does it cost to register to the service?

Registering as a light entrepreneur is always free of charge. Our service fee is only paid when withdrawing a salary. The service fee is the only fee that is paid to Odeal for using the service; its amount depends on the accumulated sum invoiced and is 2–5 percent (+ VAT) Registering to the service as a user does not commit you to anything either.

Why not establish a own business name (Toiminimi)?

When you establish a business name or a limited company, you become an entrepreneur and commit to the obligations of an entrepreneur. This means that you will have to pay e.g. tax withheld in advance and value-added tax and you will have a legal obligation to keep books even if a bookkeeping agency does this for you. An entrepreneur is always personally responsible for taking care of things. Through Odeal, you will only have to take care of the self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL insurance) and the marketing and sales of your work.

Can I start an e-commerce business through Odeal?

You can operate through us in any sector where you sell mainly your own work and skills. If you have to make large investments in machinery and equipment for your business, we recommend that you start your own company. If you want to engage in retail or wholesale selling or start an e-commerce business that sells products directly to consumers or companies using payments via an online bank or credit cards, please contact our customer service.

Will Odeal be cheaper than having my own business?

Everything depends on everything. There is no formula for calculating this, because it is difficult to compare things. You can compare starting your own business to light entrepreneurship.

So am I an entrepreneur or a salaried employee?

In terms of taxation and the bookkeeping obligation, your status is that of a salaried employee. However, the Unemployment Security Act considers you an entrepreneur according to the amendment that became effective in 2016. Despite this, you are entitled to adjusted unemployment benefit, if your entrepreneur-like operations are considered part-time. In terms of pension insurance, you belong to the scope of the self-employed persons’ pension and you must take out a self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL insurance) if the criteria for an insurance obligation are fulfilled.

Can I use an assistant in my work?

You can work together with other light entrepreneurs who are also registered users of our service. The invoiced amount can be divided among the users however you agree. In addition, everyone can deduct the expenses that they have incurred from their work.

Which tax card should I provide? Is the income secondary income?

The type of tax card does not matter to us. We will withhold tax according to the tax card that you provide – it can be a primary or a secondary-employment tax card. The tax authorities will add up all of the income earned during the year and impose taxes using the same rate regardless of whether the income has been earned from primary or secondary employment.


How do I submit invoicing details to Odeal?

After registration, you will gain access to the convenient online service where you can send invoices to your customers. The invoicing details that you send and the entire customer database will be saved in the online service. You can also save invoices as drafts and send them later.

Is there a minimum sum that can be invoiced?

There is no minimum for invoicing, and you may also invoice small sums. However, if, due to the nature of your work, your invoiced amounts are only twenty or thirty or so euros, please contact our customer service so that we can consider other alternatives to your invoicing, such as iZettle etc.

Can I invoice private individuals? Will they receive a household deduction?

You can also invoice private individuals and they may receive a household deduction on the share of work. However, when creating the invoice, please remember to separate the share of work and materials on the invoice.

What does the invoice look like?

The invoice will display your name or a marketing name that you have come up with for your work. You can view a sample invoice here.

When will the invoice be sent to the customer?

We will send the invoice to your customer during the same working day, if it arrives to the online service before 3 pm, provided that the invoice has no errors. You can view sent invoices in the online service.

How does Odeal deal with value-added tax?

Value-added tax is dealt with in Odeal as in any business. Value-added tax (24, 14 or 10 percent) must be added to the invoiced amount or Odeal can send the invoice using reverse value-added tax (e.g. in the building trade). Foreign companies are invoiced without value-added tax.

Can I invoice supplies and travel expenses?

In addition to work, you can invoice travel expenses, materials, supplies etc. Please note that if you are invoicing travel expenses from your customer, there is no need to follow the tax authorities’ instructions concerning tax-free travel allowances.

Can I invoice foreign companies?

Yes, you can. Companies in the EU are usually invoiced using a reverse charge value-added tax so that the invoice is sent exclusive of value-added tax and the recipient is liable for the tax. The VAT identification number is required for customers in the EU area. You will receive this from the client.

Will Odeal manage payment reminders and debt collection?

If an invoice is not paid on time, we can initiate collection measures. If the invoice is not paid after one payment reminder, we can refer the invoice to a debt collection agency, by your request. Debt collection measures do not cause additional costs to the light entrepreneur, unless the debt collection procedure is completely unjustified.


How much will I receive from the invoiced amounts?

You will receive about 89–97 percent of each invoiced amount exclusive of value-added tax as your gross salary. The variation is due to the premium rates of accident insurance in different sectors. You can calculate the exact salary using the salary counter.

When will the salary be paid?

As a rule, we will calculate and pay your salary on the same day as the payment of the invoice arrives. We may also pay your salary later, if you have indicated on the invoice form that you wish to withdraw the salary at a later time. You may also combine smaller invoiced amounts into one larger payment.

Can I receive an advance on my salary?

We do not pay an actual advance on salary, but you may withdraw your salary on the invoicing day by using the “hetipalkka” option.


What does compensation for the expenses of work mean?

Conducting the work may result in various expenses, such as supplies, material and travel expenses.

If these expenses were not taken into account at all in the payment of salary, the salary would be based on the total sum invoiced from the customer. In this case, the same related costs and taxes would be deducted from the share of expenses included in the price of your work as from the salary.

How long are expense receipts deductible?

We can compensate the expenses if the purchases have been made within two months of the salary payment day. If the expenses have also been invoiced from your customer, they may also be compensated on a case-by-case basis for a longer period of time.

We always compensate the expenses in connection with the payment of salary. If, for some reason, the expense is not approved by us, please remember that you can also request the deduction of expenses in your personal taxation as a standard deduction for work-related expenses.

Can I enter a computer, rent or an iPad as an expense?

These kinds of expenses cannot be deducted through Odeal. According to the tax authorities, these acquisitions may also involve private use. In addition, if they were deducted through Odeal, they would be our assets in terms of bookkeeping.

The rental expenses of your apartment may be partly deducted in your personal taxation in the form of a standard deduction for work-related expenses.

Is there an upper limit for expenses?

There is no set upper limit for expenses, but you must receive at least the minimum wage according to the collective agreement after the expenses have been compensated. Due to this, Odeal may occasionally need to limit the expenses that are compensated.

How do I deliver receipts to you?

You can scan, photograph or send receipts through traditional mail. When scanning or taking a photograph, please make sure that others can also make out what is on the receipt. Due to this, keep your original receipts until the salary has been paid.


What insurances are required?

As a light entrepreneur, you only need a self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL insurance), if its requirements are met. You do not need to take out any other personal insurances. Odeal has liability insurance coverage up to 1 000 000 euros as well as a voluntary accident insurance in the case of any occupational accidents.

Can I get a professional liability insurance through Odeal?

You can get a liability insurance for consultation work through us. The insurance is provided by OP Insurance Ltd. Contact the customer service to agree on insurance matters.

I need travel insurance for a business trip abroad.

You can get voluntary travel insurance through us by contacting the customer service.


Is the self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL insurance) compulsory for a light entrepreneur?

The users of invoicing services, i.e. light entrepreneurs, are considered entrepreneurs in terms of pension insurance. If your annual income exceeds the minimum (7 656.26 euros in 2018), you must take out a self-employed persons’ pension insurance.

If your income falls short of the minimum, you may take out a voluntary self-employed persons’ pension insurance.

Do I accumulate pension from working as a light entrepreneur?

The employees’ pension (TyEL) paid by salaried employees differs from the self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL) in that, in the latter, you estimate the annual income for your insurance cover, which is used when determining both the pension insurance premiums and the accumulated pension. As a light entrepreneur, you will accumulate pension based on the annual income estimated by you.

How do I take out a self-employed persons’ pension insurance?

We can help you to take out the insurance. The online service has a direct link to the Ilmarinen insurance service where you can easily take out a self-employed persons’ pension insurance. You may also choose another pension company.

What is earned income?

Your YEL earned income is the basis of your insurance and used to calculate the amount of pension and the insurance premium. Legally, the YEL income should be equal to your work input, i.e. the salary that corresponds to the average compensation paid for such work. The smaller your estimated income, the smaller your insurance premiums and the amount of pension. You do not necessarily need to set your YEL income very high in the beginning.


Can I receive daily unemployment allowance if I invoice through Odeal?

If the salaries that we pay are no higher than 300 euros per month or 279 euros in a period of four calendar weeks, the salary that you receive will have no impact on the amount of daily allowance. If the income received is greater than the exempt amount mentioned above, the income will be adjusted to the daily unemployment allowance.

Can I lose my unemployment benefit if I become a light entrepreneur?

The decisions are made by the employment authorities, but if you are unemployed and receiving earnings-related daily allowance or basic daily allowance, you may lose the right to unemployment benefit if you become a full-time light entrepreneur.

Work requirement through Odeal?

Entrepreneur-like activities as a light entrepreneur do not meet the work requirement applicable to employees. If you have a self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL insurance) where your earned income is set as at least 12 576 euros, you may be entitled to entrepreneur’s unemployment security.

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